The SoHarmoniums, some 60 women strong began in 2005.  So far, we have sung in Bosnian, Chinese, Czech, English, Finnish, French, German, Ghanian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Kenyan, Japanese, Kazoo, Kenyan, Latin, Moravian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, South Sami, Spanish, Swedish & Yiddish.

Joining Us

Are you interested in singing with us? We are a multi-generational group and welcome any and all to explore the possibility of joining us. Our fundamental artistic requirements are:

  • a decent and true (or better!) choir voice with the ability to blend
  • fluid sight-reading skills

Both are equally vital. And of course, there must be an opening. An interested candidate must come to one of our first two rehearsals to determine if she's a solid fit for the group and vice versa. Only after that will we know if we can offer a membership. Our semesters begin in September and again in January. Please contact to for more information. We rehearse Thursday nights and perform at Merkin Hall in December and May.

The membership fee is $280/semester (some scholarships are available) and two absences only please.

Interest Form

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